Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator and performer

Ray Lin is an award winning composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist based in Queensland, Australia. Ray has received many outstanding awards for his compositions in recent years, this including winning the 2021 “Song of the year” from Queensland Music Awards (Contemporary Classical), and being a semi-finalist at the 2020 Walter Hussey Composition Competition (UK), and receiving the Honorable Mention Award (Top 5) in Queensland Music Festival’s 2018 “Score-IT(Plus)” film scoring competition. His eclectic background had reflected in his musical output as it covered wide horizons from contemporary classical music to popular music and music for film and media.

As a Bachelor of Music candidate in composition at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Ray’s diverse compositions and arrangements had has been featured in a variety of concerts and events across different mediums. This included most recently his piece “The Royal Fanfare” was performed by the Queensland Pops Orchestra at the QPAC Concert Hall in the “Best of British” concert.

In 2020, two of his works featured in the 2020 “One World, One Family” 24-hour virtual concert hosted and broadcasted by Chinese CCTV. His orchestral piece work “Two Impressions of a raining night” was featured on the Music of our time program on 4MBS Classic FM, his composition “Our Celebration” for concert band, strings and choir was chosen to be premiered as the finale for the 2019 Capricorn Coast Music Festival. Ray’s chamber music for string quartet and piano “Ballet at the Autumn Sunset” was premiered by the Emperor string quartet at Queensland Youth Orchestra Chamber Ensemble “Concert at Twilight” Series at the iconic Old Museum Concert Hall; his piece for solo flute “Density 19.5” was featured as the opening number of the 2019 Queensland Conservatorium Reconciliation Day Concert.

In 2019, Ray co-wrote and arranged the school song for Brisbane Chinese Language School (premiered at the City Hall), which reached to a large community of students across six campuses. Ray’s other arrangements include the overture performance of the 2017 Brisbane Chinese Festival Gala show (City Hall), two works for the 2018 Teressa Teng tribute concert supporting Lord Mayor’s Trust: finale items of Stretton State College’s 2019 & 2020 (Nissan Arena) awards night, theme piece for IAUTV Spring Festival Gala 2019 (Logan entertainment Centre) etc.  

Apart from writing and arranging music, Ray is also an active performer. As an instrumentalist, he holds Grade 8 certificate for both guitar (AMEB CPM) and bass (Rock-school), Ray has performed in China, Australia and the US. From 2017 onwards, he has performed extensively in music festivals, live concerts and musicals, this includes the 2019 Brisbane Chinese Cultural Festival (City Hall), 2017 Pacific Basin Music Festival (Hawaii, USA), 2017 & 2019 Essentially Ellington Jazz Music Festival etc, and musical productions in Queensland such as Hairspray the Musical, Heathers, Wizard of oz, Seussical etc.

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在作曲和编曲的领域,Ray的作品在多个大型比赛中取得佳绩,其中包括获得2021昆士兰音乐奖(QMA)现代古典“年度歌曲”奖项,入围2020英国Walter Hussey作曲大赛,2018 QMF Score-IT电影配乐大赛(Top 5)等。

Ray的作曲/编曲作品登上过央视网举办的2020线上音乐会,澳大利亚4MBS古典音乐台【Music of Our Time】栏目,昆士兰流行交响乐团“Best of British”音乐会(QPAC),昆士兰青年乐团“Concert at Twilight”室内乐音乐会,2018市政厅中国节晚会等。2019 Capricorn Coast音乐节(压轴曲作曲),布里斯本中文学校(校歌作曲编曲)等。

在演奏方面,Ray同时拥有AMEB CPM吉他最高级别证书以及Rock-School八级贝斯证书。近年的演出经历包括2016美国夏威夷Pacific Basin音乐节,2018 Essentially Ellington 爵士音乐节,2019市政厅中华文化节晚会,以及昆士兰众多音乐剧的演出,其中包括《绿野仙踪》,《苏斯狂想曲》,《希特姐妹帮》等。

作为音乐老师,Ray近年来指导过多名学生顺利通过AMEB 和Rock-School的乐器和乐理考试,或进入专业音乐院校学习。丰富的演出经验和理论基础的积累,也让Ray在教学的过程中能以理论与实战相结合的方式,轻松地让各个年龄层的学生达到自己学音乐的目标。